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What is HR Talk ?

HR Talk is a professional community for HR professionals to share expertise and knowledge.

What is the purpose of HR Talk ?

The purpose of HR Talk is to share HR News, Topics, HR Trends among HR Professionals.

How often is HR Talk updated ?

HR Talk is updated everyday with News and Forum Topics.

What topics are covered in HR Talk ?

HR Talk covers a range of topics in Human Resources such as Recruitment, Selections, Joining Formalities, Training & Development, Organisation Development, Hiring & Attrition.

How can I access HR Talk ?

You can access HR Talk by website or by android app.

Is there a charge to use HR Talk ?

There is no charge to use HR Talk.

Who is eligible to get their profiles verified ?

All HR Professionals are eligible to get their verified profiles.

How to get verified profile ?

Click the profile verification button and email your official details such as Office ID, Official Email Ids etc to support@hrtalk.in. Your profile will be verified in 48 Hours subject to terms & conditions.

Contact Us for Support

Please email us at support@hrtalk.in for more details and support.

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