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Doctors Warn Against Moonlighting, Says It Poses Risk to Brain and Heart

Doctors Warn Against Moonlighting, Says It Poses Risk to Brain and Heart

Gig work is increasing in all the workforces: Azim Premji

Wipro’s founder and chairman Azim Premji said that the role of gig workers has become very important. Speaking at a conference Premji said that in the past few months it has been observed that the number of part-time workers is increasing rapidly in the workforce. Premji further said that the experience of the firms with the gig work is to ensure productivity and flexibility, and firms get accessibility to the talent that will not have within the firm. Gig work was the major talk of the town after IT firms started taking strict actions against the moonlighters. Moonlighting too is gig work, but is usually undertaken without informing the primary employer. Wipro’s current chairman Rishad Premji had described moonlighting as ‘cheating’. On conflicts between employees and employers, Azim...

Tech Mahindra & Infosys to roll out moonlighting policy soon

Tech Mahindra is reportedly working on a moonlighting policy, which is set to be finalised soon. Employees of the Company may be allowed to work on gig projects as long as their work does not conflict with the interest of the Company and provided they obtain permission from their managers, in writing. After sending a strong “No two-timing, no moonlighting” warning to staff for nearly a month, the IT giant Infosys appears to have softened its stance on moonlighting or gig work. According to the TOI story, Infosys has written an internal email to employees allowing them to accept gig work outside of their day jobs but only with permission from their supervisors and under the condition that it would not interfere with their work at Infosys or whatever Infosys does. “Any employee who chooses t...

Moonlighting – IBM India MD Sends a Strong Note to Employees.

According to TOI, in an internal note to employees, India MD Sandip Patel has said it’s a violation of trust, policy and creates a potential conflict of interest. “At IBM, our stance has always been clear: we encourage every IBMer to bring their whole selves to work. Your passion – be it for art, dance, or music is celebrated here, and in that spirit, we’d love to see you pursue your interests. However, if you advance a personal interest, whether directly or indirectly, at the expense of IBM’s interests, it is treated as a serious conflict of interest and a violation of trust,” the note stated. The managing director also mentioned that moonlighting is also against the employment obligations and also clarified that if employees of IBM intended to engage in any activity outside of the compan...