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Apple may create 5 lakh jobs in India by 2027.

Over 40,000 people are being hired by Apple suppliers in Vietnam

Apple is planning to increase its workforce in India to 500,000 over the next three years. India is becoming one of Apple’s biggest markets, thanks to the growing middle class and their increasing spending power. Currently, Apple has about 150,000 employees working for its vendors and suppliers, with Tata Electronics employing the majority of them at two Apple plants.

Apple is working to increase production in India, with exports from the country increasing dramatically from $6.27 billion to $12.1 billion between FY 2022-23 and FY 2023-24. This is largely due to Apple manufacturing 14% of its iPhones in India. This figure is expected to increase to 25% as Apple continues to expand in the country.

Apple has also announced plans to build over 78,000 housing units for factory workers, with Tamil Nadu receiving the majority of 58,000 units. This initiative is particularly beneficial for women migrant workers, many of whom are aged between 19 and 24.