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CARS24 targets 50% increase in women’s workforce by 2024.

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CARS24, an Indian company that operates in the used car buying and selling industry, has announced its plan to increase the number of women in its workforce by 50 per cent by the year 2024. The company has recognised the gender gap in the automotive sector and is committed to enhancing diversity across various roles within its organisation.

At present, women and LGBTQ+ individuals make up less than 20 per cent of CARS24’s workforce. To address this disparity and promote inclusivity, the company has launched recruitment and training initiatives to integrate women into both corporate and frontline positions. These opportunities span across various departments such as customer experience, operations, marketing, and product development.

As part of its initiative, CARS24 is also implementing targeted training programmes, providing upskilling opportunities, and initiating mentorship projects to empower women within the company. The goal is to emphasise the company’s values and its role in fostering a more equitable industry.

The push for increased female representation not only cultivates a diverse and dynamic workplace but will also establish a model for inclusivity and equality in the automotive sector. Women currently constitute a small fraction of the dealership and repair/maintenance workforce.


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