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Fisker CEO encounters employee opposition during layoffs.

Fisker CEO encounters employee opposition during layoffs.

Henrik Fisker, CEO and founder of Fisker, received strong criticism from employees during a recent all-hands meeting, where the business announced another round of layoffs. The cuts were not unexpected given Henry Fisker’s announcement in February 2024 of plans to eliminate 15% of the staff.

According to Business Insider, numerous employees were frustrated when Fisker appeared to dodge taking responsibility for the recent job losses. Four employees who attended the meeting expressed disappointment with the CEO’s lack of accountability for the company’s financial troubles, which had pushed it to the brink of bankruptcy.

Following the meeting, many employees found they had been laid off after losing access to the company’s internal systems. An email from human resources later confirmed the layoffs.

The tension rose after an employee criticised Fisker on the company’s internal Microsoft Teams channel. The employee stated that the corporation had always been caught off guard by leadership’s missteps and had never addressed the underlying concerns with employees.

During the discussion, Fisker reportedly deflected criticism for the layoffs, claiming that the decision was made by John DiDonato, Fisker’s chief restructuring officer.

The corporation has yet to issue an official comment about the internal dissent and recent layoffs.
Fisker, an electric-vehicle firm, has recently started laying off employees.

According to sources, Fisker aims to keep only a few staff people who are important to its goal. However, the specific number of people that will be laid off has not been announced. Some people were laid off last month. On April 20, 2024, Fisker told employees under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act that they may be laid off in two months if the firm failed to find an investor or a buyer. The business has been in talks with various automakers about a partnership. Nothing has borne fruit yet.