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US & Japan to boost Philippines semiconductor workforce

US & Japan to boost Philippines semiconductor workforce

The United States, Japan, and the Philippines have announced a new collaboration aimed at nurturing talent and innovation in the Philippines. The goal is to bring the country to the forefront of critical and emerging technologies.

As part of this collaboration, the three nations will establish a groundbreaking semiconductor workforce development initiative. This will involve training Filipino students at American and Japanese universities, which will help to strengthen the semiconductor supply chains of all three countries.

In addition, the three nations will work together to enhance the Philippines’ technological landscape through substantial investments in Open Radio Access Network (RAN) field trials and the establishment of the Asia Open RAN Academy in Manila.

The ultimate aim of this initiative is to create an open, secure, and interoperable information communications technology ecosystem that will pave the way for future commercial deployment and innovation in the Philippines.

The US and Japan will be investing additional funds to further propel Open RAN technology in the Philippines. The Japanese government is seriously considering future investments, including through the Global South Future-Oriented Co-Creation Project.

The leaders of the three countries praised the Philippines for its commitment to pilot Open RAN in its national broadband program and free Wi-Fi project, highlighting the nation’s dedication to fostering open and trusted architectures.

Looking to the future, the three countries anticipate deepening their collaboration through the inaugural trilateral Cyber and Digital Dialogue later this year.