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Samsung mandates a six-day workweek for its executives.

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Samsung Electronics executives will now work six days a week, in addition to their usual five-day work week. This extra day will be worked either on a Saturday or Sunday. The company has implemented this change due to a variety of reasons, including the depreciation of the won, rising oil prices, increased borrowing costs, and poorer-than-expected business performance last year.

The senior managers of Samsung Display, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and Samsung SDS will begin working the six-day week this week, with other companies in the Samsung Group potentially following suit. The aim of this change is to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action to avert a crisis by pushing everyone to put in more effort to improve the situation.

Interestingly, while Samsung has adopted a six-day week, companies worldwide are considering transitioning to a four-day work week. In Germany, for example, at least 451 companies are set to try out a four-day workweek for six months starting on February 1st. This trial will determine whether productivity can be increased while reducing workdays and whether it has any adverse effect on costs.