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Freixenet to cut 80% roles

Freixenet to cut 80% roles

Freixenet, the famous Spanish cava (wine) producer, has announced a drastic plan in response to the devastating drought that is affecting Catalonia’s Penedes region. The company intends to temporarily lay off 615 workers, which represents almost 80% of its workforce. This move is one of the first such actions taken by a major company in the region.

The company has been struggling to cope with the harsh impacts of climate change. The once lush and vibrant region of Catalonia is now facing the brunt of fossil-fuel-driven environmental upheaval. Under Spain’s ERTE law, designed for unprecedented circumstances, the company seeks solace in temporary measures, suspending contracts as a means of survival.

With no definitive timeline for reinstating its workforce, Freixenet remains tight-lipped on the matter, citing the need for adaptability amid fluctuating conditions. The company emphasizes the gravity of its decision, which is essential to safeguard both business continuity and employee welfare.

The affected workers’ voices remain unheard, and their unions are silent in the face of adversity. As Spain grapples with record-breaking temperatures and historic dry spells, the urgency of climate action reverberates across the nation. Undoubtedly, the toll of climate change is undeniable. The fate of Catalonia’s iconic landscapes hangs in the balance as scientists link extreme weather patterns to human-induced climate shifts.

Freixenet is one of the most renowned cava producers worldwide, exporting its products to over 150 countries. The company is particularly famous for its distinctive black bottle, which has become an iconic symbol of Spanish sparkling wine.