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87% of UAE companies will hire permanent staff this year.

87% of UAE companies will hire permanent staff this year.

Many companies in the UAE are choosing to outsource certain positions to foreign employees, paying them up to 75% less than their local counterparts. This is allowing these companies to reduce expenses and increase profitability. Recruitment experts have noted that most companies are hiring remote workers from Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa.

According to a recent salary report in the UAE, 87% of companies plan to hire permanent employees this year. Some companies (19%) will hire temporary workers, and others (16%) will use freelancers. Many companies are now establishing remote teams in cost-effective locations, particularly in recruitment agencies, technology and customer service-related fields. Various sectors, such as sales leads, technology, data, and performance marketing, are also increasingly embracing remote work.

While some businesses are shifting towards full remote work, others are adopting hybrid or office-based models to maintain a work-life balance. The UAE even offers remote work visas to foreign professionals, making it easier for companies to hire from abroad. Hiring talent from countries such as India, CIS countries, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and even tech talent from the Netherlands and other Scandinavian countries is becoming a common practice.

Remote work is common in short-term projects, and roles such as customer service, consultancy, marketing, creative design, certain sales positions, and certain IT roles may involve remote or hybrid working. However, concerns about customer interaction, business reputation, and quality necessitate thorough training and supervision.