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Amazon’s cloud computing division set to layoffs.

Layoffs Continues in as Amazon Trims Jobs in Pharmacy Unit

Recent media sources state that Amazon has announced large layoffs at its cloud computing division, AWS. According to reports, AWS is going through a significant reorganisation that would cause hundreds of workers in its technology, sales, marketing, and physical store divisions to lose their jobs.

The corporation has verified the news, indicating that these layoffs are part of a strategy realignment towards important emphasis areas. In addition, it’s a part of the company’s effort to reduce role duplication and inefficiencies in line with its future ambitions.

Although the firm is dedicated to helping affected workers move into new positions, these layoffs align with more general changes in how applications are used in both Amazon-owned and third-party stores. Employees affected by the recent layoffs in the US will continue to receive salary and benefits for a minimum of sixty days, and they are eligible for severance payments, notwithstanding the difficulties.

AWS will also look for internal options for impacted staff members, taking into account the many openings at the firm. Furthermore, Amazon plans to keep employing in other areas of its company.

Amazon’s continuous reorganisation efforts, which started with large layoffs in 2022 and continued into 2023, impacting multiple company areas like Twitch, Audible, and Prime Video, are entering a new phase with these job cutbacks. The layoffs are in line with Amazon’s larger plan to reduce labour, which also included a 5% decrease to the “Purchase with Prime” section earlier this year.

Earlier this month, there were claims that revealed hundreds of layoffs in Amazon’s One Medical and Pharmacy departments. In a note to staff members, Neil Lindsay, the head of Amazon Health Services, acknowledged the reorganisation and emphasised the company’s dedication to improving client experiences and encouraging innovation.