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“Jensen special grant” for workers at Nvidia

"Jensen special grant" for workers at Nvidia

Nvidia, a chip-making company, is rewarding its employees with a special one-time grant of an additional 25% of stock units they received upon joining the company. This grant is being called the “special Jensen grant” after the CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang. Thanks to the demand for artificial intelligence (AI), the stock has grown, making Nvidia the first chip manufacturer to reach a market cap of $2 trillion. In recognition of its employees’ hard work, the company is granting them a stock boost.

The grant of additional restricted stock units (RSUs) was communicated to the employees during their yearly performance review. The number of RSUs granted to each employee will depend on the share price of the firm. The average price of the stock in March was approximately $898. The special grant will vest in equal installments over a four-year period, with the first portion vesting in September.

New employees were granted stock options worth $200,000, and they will now receive an additional $50,000 in RSUs. Additionally, the company provides its employees with annual equity refreshers based on individual performance. The company is granting these stocks to ensure that even if the share prices fall in the future, the employees will still benefit.

In February, the company’s revenues were $22 billion, which is 270% more than the revenues during the same period last year. The company is working in the field of AI and digital twins to transform the industries of the world. The company’s success is a testament to its employees’ hard work, and the company is happy to share its good fortune with them.