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Meta fires 60 employees at Instagram in a restructuring move

Meta begins layoffs, 10,000 employees to go without jobs across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp - HR Talk

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has recently laid off 60 employees in a restructuring move. The company has eliminated roles in technical programme management (TPM) across the organization, indicating a phase-out of TPM positions. Employees in these roles have the option to reapply and undergo a new interview process for positions as programme managers, but those not selected for the new roles will conclude their employment in March.

The decision to eliminate TPM positions aligns with CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s push for efficiency, which aims to streamline management layers within the company. This initiative has resulted in numerous layoffs, a reduction in management ranks, and a slowdown in hiring and promotions. Although the company has not officially addressed the layoffs, a former Instagram employee took to LinkedIn to discuss the expected changes in TPM roles.

TPMs play a vital intermediary role between technical workers, such as engineers and programme managers. Despite the downsizing, Meta has been rehiring some of the previously laid-off workers. The move to eliminate TPM roles is part of Meta’s broader restructuring strategy, referred to as “the flattening,” implemented last year, which involved eliminating various management positions and offering affected employees the option to transition into non-management roles.

As Meta employees gradually return to the office, speculation grows regarding potential future layoffs. In the past fall, a smaller layoff impacted a team within Reality Labs, a division within Meta that focuses on technology related to virtual and augmented reality. The tech company had cut 11,000 jobs at the end of 2022, and an additional 10,000 workers were let go last year to save costs.


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