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Google reduces headcount in Python, Flutter and Dart teams

Google to cut more jobs yet again, this time in its recruiting team

Google is restructuring its organization to enhance efficiency, reduce layers, and eliminate bureaucracy. As part of this exercise, it has laid off some employees from its Python, Flutter, and Dart teams.

Python is a flexible object-oriented language used by developers at Google in the company’s build system. Dart provides the language and runtimes for driving Flutter apps, while also supporting other core developer tasks such as formatting, analysis, and code testing. Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit used by developers worldwide to create apps for mobile phones, the web, and desktop from a single codebase.

It is worth noting that these layoffs do not affect the entire company. Instead, they are aimed at reorganizing the workforce. The affected employees will be allowed to apply for positions elsewhere within Google, and the company will provide assistance with outplacement and offer severance.

With this restructuring, Google aims to simplify its hierarchy and structure so that its employees can focus more on the company’s priorities and most innovative offerings.

Recently, Google made news when it fired some employees who participated in sit-in protests against the company’s controversial $1.2 billion contract with Israel. The tech giant took a firm stance against the demonstrations and issued a stern warning in an internal memo against violating company policies during protests.