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Tech Mahindra employees will have a three-day office week starting in April.

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Tech Mahindra, one of the major tech companies, has announced a new hybrid work model, requiring its employees to work from the office for a minimum of three days a week starting from 1 April. The company aims to enhance employee productivity and anticipates a positive impact on its margins. In an internal memo, the company expressed its understanding of employees’ desire for spontaneous interactions, collaborative environments, and human connections. 

The phased approach will begin in March, with employees expected to work in the office for two days a week (eight days in total). Managers are urging employees to return to the office for three days a week from March, with possible salary deductions for non-compliance. The plan is to transition to a three-day per week in-office schedule starting from 1 April. However, if certain business units or projects are already operating from the office, their arrangements will remain unchanged. 

While it’s unclear whether this new policy applies to all teams, industry analysts suggest that Tech Mahindra’s decision is influenced by uncertainties in demand, particularly in its telecom vertical.


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