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Infosys launches the ‘Restart with Infosys’ program to empower returning women.

NITES advises to investigate the hiring delay for 2000 applicants at Infosys.

Infosys, the tech giant, has introduced the ‘Restart with Infosys’ programme, designed to help experienced women professionals rejoin the corporate workforce and advance their careers. Targeted at women who have taken a break and are looking to re-enter the corporate world, this initiative offers a pathway to resume their professional journey and start contributing meaningfully.

Infosys emphasises that #RestartWithInfosys is tailored to facilitate a smooth transition back to work, creating a supportive environment for women to succeed. This initiative is a part of Infosys’ commitment to diversity and inclusion, encapsulated in the phrase: ‘This is Her Infosys.’

Participants in the programme will be considered for full-time or fixed-term employment with Infosys based on their expertise, interests and skill sets. They will have the opportunity to work with multidisciplinary teams, delivering tangible business impacts.

Furthermore, the programme also focuses on reskilling and upskilling participants in new and emerging technologies. Additionally, it will provide a valuable launchpad for those looking to rebuild their careers.

The Restart with Infosys programme offers a pathway for women professionals who have been on a career break for at least six months, providing comprehensive training and mentorship for a smooth transition back to work. Participants will have opportunities to reskill and upskill in new and emerging technologies and can pursue full-time or part-time job opportunities, including work-from-home options.

Applicants will go through the standard selection process defined by the Infosys talent-acquisition team.
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