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Google lays off at least 100 employees in its cloud division

Google to cut more jobs yet again, this time in its recruiting team

Google’s cloud-computing unit has carried out layoffs across several teams this week. This move reportedly affected around 100 employees in the “Go To Market” group in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as staff in consulting, partner engineering, and sustainability units.

Since the beginning of the year, Google has conducted multiple rounds of layoffs, including a recent reduction of at least 200 employees from its ‘core’ teams earlier this month. Around 50 roles were cut from the engineering team at the California headquarters. Some of the jobs are expected to be relocated overseas, primarily to India and Mexico, as reported by CNBC.

In January, hundreds of employees from the voice assistant, hardware, engineering, advertising sales, finance, and real estate divisions were also laid off.

CEO Sundar Pichai previously indicated in January that the company would continue to implement job cuts throughout the year, albeit not on a large scale. In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg, he expanded on Google’s approach to expense management and workforce growth amid industry shifts. He stressed the necessity of tough decisions aligned with evolving priorities, aimed at maximizing efficiency and productivity to meet market demands.

Pichai underlined the importance of executing layoffs thoughtfully to minimize disruption, with existing employees reportedly receiving salary raises.

Alphabet announced in January 2023 its plan to eliminate approximately 12,000 jobs and has since made additional smaller reductions.