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Marvel to cut jobs in several departments.

Marvel to cut jobs in several departments.

Marvel, the Hollywood entertainment company, has announced a reduction in its workforce by laying off employees from various departments. This decision aligns with Disney CEO Bob Iger’s announcement of a scaled-back production agenda.

According to a report from the Hollywood Reporter, Iger explained that there has been a decrease in output, specifically within Marvel, due to challenges in film production. To address these issues, he outlined a three-pronged approach.

In 2021, the studio released four films and five TV shows. This was followed by a slight reduction in 2022 with three films, three TV shows, and some special releases. In 2023, Marvel is expected to maintain a similar output with three films and three TV shows.

With only one film, “Deadpool and Wolverine,” starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, slated for release this year in July, Marvel is clearly trimming down its cinematic calendar. Additionally, the studio is expected to unveil just two live-action shows in the current year. Disney is emphasizing quality over quantity and acknowledging the need to streamline content creation.

Iger emphasized the need to abandon projects lacking conviction while simultaneously investing in new ventures that instill confidence. This approach is actively being pursued as part of the studio’s evolving creative strategy.

However, the company has stated that there are no further layoffs anticipated at this time. Marvel, known for its blockbuster Avengers franchise, is now recalibrating its lineup following a period of heightened production activity.