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Vedanta has announced financial aid for transgender employees’ higher education.

Vedanta has announced financial aid for transgender employees’ higher education.

Vedanta, a leading natural resources group company, has announced a groundbreaking people policy in a landmark move for inclusivity. This policy extends a helping hand to transgender employees, offering financial support for their higher education pursuits.

Vedanta’s commitment to fostering a diverse and welcoming work environment shines through this initiative. Recognizing the hurdles faced by the transgender community, Vedanta aims to bridge the gap and empower them to flourish professionally. This move aligns perfectly with the company’s vision of nurturing a skilled workforce by investing in its employees’ capabilities.

Priya Agarwal Hebbar, director at Vedanta and chairperson of Hindustan Zinc, expressed, “At Vedanta, we champion a culture that thrives on diversity and guarantees equal opportunities for all. We’re tremendously excited to unveil this financial support programme for higher education. It underscores our unwavering commitment to empowering our transgender employees. By investing in their professional development, we are paving the way for an equitable environment that celebrates the well-being and personal growth of every member of our Vedanta family.”

The specifics of the policy offer a clear path forward. Transgender employees who have been part of the Vedanta team for at least 18 months are eligible to receive financial aid of up to Rs 1 lakh to pursue professional education programs. This one-time benefit isn’t limited to employees; it extends to business partners as well, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the company’s success story.

This new policy signifies a crucial step forward, building upon Vedanta’s existing commitment to inclusion. Last year, during Pride Month, the company announced a similar policy offering financial and leave support for employees undergoing gender affirmation surgery. Additionally, they’ve made significant strides in revamping their infrastructure to create a more inclusive work environment.

Vedanta’s dedication to diversity and inclusion extends far beyond policy. The company actively conducts sensitization workshops for its employees and the wider community, fostering a safe space where everyone feels respected and valued. With an ambitious goal of achieving 40 per cent diversity in their leadership by 2050, Vedanta is etching diversity, equity, and inclusion into the very core of its values.