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Vedanta has introduced a Revolutionary Parenthood Policy

Vedanta has introduced a Revolutionary Parenthood Policy

Vedanta has introduced a new parenting policy to support diverse family structures. Women at Vedanta now have the option to take a sabbatical leave of up to 12 months to care for their young children, with job security guaranteed upon their return. The policy is designed to create a more inclusive workplace.

The policy allows working mothers to choose between flexible working hours or working from home, starting four weeks before their expected delivery date until their child turns two years old. This ensures a healthy balance between professional commitments and parenting responsibilities. The policy also includes career assurance during maternity leave and additional support for career growth.

In addition to the above, Vedanta has expanded its parenthood policy to include enhanced benefits for all new parents. This benefit is available to all employees, including single parents and LGBTQIA+ individuals adopting or commissioning a child. Caregivers (women, single parents, and LGBTQIA+) can take a 12-week leave for a child under one year, which can be used 30 days before the commissioning or adoption date and up to 90 days post-date.

Priya Agarwal Hebbar, Chairperson of Hindustan Zinc and Non-Executive Director of Vedanta, said: “Our new policy emphasizes that parenthood is not a hiatus from professional life, but a transformative phase for all caregivers. The policy underscores our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We hope that this policy will set a new standard for progressive workplace policies across the nation.”

To support the physical and mental health of women employees, Vedanta has also introduced a monthly “No Questions Asked” work-from-home day.


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