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US employees accuse TCS of discrimination, TCS calls the allegations false.

TCS Delays Onboarding Of Experienced Hires By 3 - 4 Months

At least 20 Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) employees in the United States have accused the Indian multinational of terminating their employment to fill positions with Indians on H1-B visas. These disgruntled employees claim that TCS unlawfully discriminated against them based on race and age after they were laid off abruptly and without notice.

However, the business has refuted these accusations, calling them unfounded, saying that it is committed to giving everyone equal chances and that there is no cause for concern about the honesty of its business practices. The company argues that because demand is declining, it must review its cost structure and concentrate more on onboarding people who have already received offer letters.

TCS has previously been the target of similar accusations. A case alleging discrimination and violating visa requirements was launched against TCS in a US court headquartered in New Jersey, and it was granted some relief in August 2023.

Shawn Katz, who worked for the corporation for nine years, filed the claim. He asserted that because of his race and nationality, he was the victim of unlawful employment practices. Additionally, he stated that the Indian IT company actively discriminates against applicants and employees who are not South Asian or Indian in terms of hiring, project assignments, termination, and promotions. Luckily, Katz was unable to present enough evidence to back up his claims of racism, so the New Jersey court opted not to pursue them. The court decided at the time that the company’s benching, hiring, and firing practices, which were designed to maximise the value of visa holders, did not initially seem to be impartial.

According to the Wall Street Journal, at least twenty workers have contacted the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission since December 2023. These include people in the 40–60 age range who are Caucasian, Asian American, and Hispanic American.