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Coforge to increase hiring significantly

Coforge to increase hiring significantly

Coforge, a global IT services and solutions company, plans to increase its headcount in order to achieve aggressive growth. Despite the challenges posed by the macroeconomic environment, the company anticipates robust growth and a significant increase in margins in the next quarter.

The company’s Q3 results show that its current employee count is 24,607, which is slightly lower than the previous quarter’s count of 24,638. However, the company’s attrition rate is currently only 12%, which is a year-on-year drop of 90 basis points and remains one of the lowest in the IT industry.

Coforge’s initiatives, such as digital retailing for airports, have helped to keep its airlines and airports business in a robust condition. The company has also stated that its core focus will remain on ensuring growth in banking, insurance, healthcare, and travel.

Regarding the materialization of its AI projects, the company’s last quarter marked a shift from just conversations to actual revenue-generating proof of concepts and engagements.

Coforge offers a wide range of services, including application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, business process outsourcing, and digital transformation. With a focus on innovation and technology, it provides customized solutions to help clients enhance their business processes and stay competitive in the rapidly-evolving digital landscape. The company serves clients across various industries, such as banking, financial services, insurance, travel, and healthcare.


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