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SAP asks staff to return to the office three days a week

SAP Labs India plans to double its AI talent pool by next year.

The German IT corporation, SAP, has revised its policies for returning to the office. The company previously required its employees to work in the office for two days a week, but starting in January, it will be increased to three days a week. This policy will be in effect until April 2024, providing a transition period.

This decision is said to be in line with industry best practices and reflects the company’s evolution in flexible work policies. According to a spokesperson for SAP, employees are expected to work three days a week in the office or on-site with customers or partners, complying with local labor laws and involving social partners.

Christian Klein, CEO of SAP, emphasized that the company is refining its performance management approach across the organization. The goal is to focus more on evaluating and rewarding employees based on individual performance and capabilities. More details on this approach will be communicated through a global email at the beginning of next week.

SAP’s largest research and development center outside of Germany, with 15,000 employees, is located in India. In addition to changes in return-to-office policies, SAP has announced changes to its board structure to expedite cloud growth.

SAP Labs India announced the establishment of a new office in Pune in October 2023, aimed at creating job opportunities for 300 employees. The office will be located in the Kharadi area of Pune. Additionally, the company has recently declared its intention to double its workforce in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) by the end of this year.


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