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Emirates plans to hire 5,000 cabin crew in 2024.

Emirates plans to hire 5,000 cabin crew in 2024.

Emirates, a Dubai-based airline, will be holding recruiting drives in 460 locations to fill its 5,000-person cabin crew need.

Those recent graduates with prior internship or part-time work experience will be hired. It will be preferred if candidates have prior expertise in the hotel and customer service sectors.

Applications are only accepted from students who have completed at least Grade 12 and who are at least 160 cm tall with a maximum height of 212 cm. It is essential to speak and write English fluently. It will be helpful to know any additional language(s) besides English.

It is important to note that the cabin staff at Emirates speaks around 130 languages and represents over 140 different ethnicities.

The personalities and team-playing philosophies of interested candidates will be evaluated.

The applicant must be able to meet the UAE’s requirements for an employment visa.

In more than 460 places worldwide, open days and exams will be used for employment.

For its fleet, the airline had placed hundreds of new aircraft orders. Emirates will begin receiving deliveries of approximately 65 A350s and more than 100 Boeing 777-9 and 777-8 aircraft apiece later this year.

Emirates hired 8,000 cabin crew members from over 353 places worldwide last year, or in 2023. The airline employed approximately 20,000 cabin staff members by August 2023; as of the now, that number has risen to 21,500.