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Google Layoffs Continue as ‘Hundreds’ Cut From Ad Sales

Google Layoffs Continue as ‘Hundreds’ Cut From Ad Sales

Google has announced its plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency and creativity. This move will improve support for small and medium-sized businesses advertising on Google’s platform, but unfortunately, it has resulted in more layoffs for its employees. 

In an effort to optimize its worldwide advertising team, the tech giant has cut several hundred positions, primarily from its large customer sales team, as reported by the media. India Today reports that approximately 1,000 employees have been affected in this latest round of layoffs. 

Google has communicated that eligible individuals would receive severance pay and have the opportunity to reapply for available positions in other departments. Those who are unable to secure a position within the company will be required to leave by April 2024. 

Furthermore, Google plans to offer outplacement services to assist affected employees, along with information on state unemployment benefits. 

In the preceding week, Google shed hundreds of jobs across its Google Assistant, augmented reality hardware, and central engineering teams, affecting thousands globally. The company has announced that all affected employees will be given the opportunity to apply for other available positions within Google. 

This move is part of ongoing cost-cutting measures and comes nearly a year after the company’s largest-ever layoffs affecting 12,000 employees. Google is now prioritizing its AI ambitions, leading to cuts in non-core areas to enhance efficiency and better align resources.