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Microsoft to train 100,000 developers in India on AI technology and tools

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Microsoft has announced a new program named AI Odyssey, with the goal of training 100,000 developers in India on the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and tools. This initiative aims to address the increasing need in India for skilled professionals who can use AI to tackle complex problems and create valuable solutions. Microsoft understands that AI is transforming our work and daily lives like never before.

In the program’s first stage, participants will learn how to use Azure AI services to develop and launch AI solutions for various situations. This includes gaining access to helpful resources, code samples, and guides to become proficient in practical AI skills.

The second level will challenge participants to showcase their AI expertise by completing an online assessment involving interactive lab tasks. Upon successful completion of this level, they will receive the Microsoft Applied Skills credential, which confirms their capability to solve real-world problems using AI.

The one-month program is open to anyone in India interested in AI, regardless of their experience or background. It has two levels, and participants must complete them by January 31, 2024.

Artificial intelligence is crucial for future innovations, and India is at the forefront with its talented tech community. The Microsoft Applied Skills credential allows developers to showcase their skills and creativity in high-demand AI areas. Irina Ghose, Managing Director of Microsoft India, has encouraged all developers to participate and contribute to creating meaningful AI solutions that can positively impact India’s economy.


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